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Saviours' Day

Every day is "Saviours' Day..." a time to be thankful and celebrate the coming of Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad!  Let's celebrate our culture through practicing what we have been taught and sharing it with those around us.  It is our duty to Allah and our community, to share the light of Knowledge we have received.

That's why celebrating our culture through songs, stories, and righteous activities will keep us inspired to do this awesome work we have in front of us - "...Our sole mission in our head is to deliver to Muhammad, the mentally dead!..."

The House That Allah Built wants to help Muslim families stay encouraged and inspired through songs, stories, and righteous activities for the whole family!

Stay tuned for pictures, video footage, and upcoming ideas of how to celebrate Saviours' Day all year through!


"Celebrate Saviours' Day,

I'm gonna celebrate!

Allah U'Akbar!

Allah U'Akbar!

Let's celebrate

Saviours' Day!"



*The song you are hearing, "Celebrate! Saviours' Day," is from the Celebrate Saviours' Day CD (available now) by Niambi S. Muhammad, Copyright ©2010 EMTECFILMS.  All rights are reserved.  Please do not use without the permission of EMTECFILMS.

Lapbook and Notebooking Printables



Print on regular copy paper or card stock.  Cut along the solid lines.  Put "Allah Came to Save Us!" on top.  Place the other sheets on top of each other so that only the names are visible.  Staple the booklet at the top.




Print on regular copy paper or card stock.  Trace the letters and color the picture.  Cut along the solid lines and fold on the dashed lines.  Cut and paste the sentences in the middle of the book, under each corresponding day of the week flap.






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One Hundred Ways to Celebrate Saviours' Day!

By "Auntie Niambi Shalewa" Muhammad

(Believe it or not, I came up with this list over three years ago!  Just came across this file on my storage drive. I know...that's sad!  I can't keep up with myself sometimes!  I intend to do better!  Hope you enjoy!)

The following are simply ways that we can spend time together as a family, while remembering our Holy Day – Saviours’ Day!  Some items on the list are so basic and require us to merely be a more active part of our immediate communities.  How can we save a neighbor, if we don’t know him?  The list is really endless and I am certain we will come up with many more to add to the list.  Even if we do one activity (one we have yet to do), then we have accomplished a lot already.  (They are in no particular order.)

1.     Put on a puppet show.

2.     Bake star and crescent cookies.

3.     Dance to Celebrate Saviours’ Day CD.

4.     Watch Celebrate Saviours’ Day DVD.

5.     Write a song together!

6.     Make a Saviours’ Day Chain.

7.     Draw a self-portrait.

8.     Discuss Master Fard Muhammad.

9.     Discuss The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

10.   Discuss Minister Louis Farrakhan.

11.   Have a party.

12.   Plan a special Saviours’ Day Meal.

13.   Invite people to Saviours’ Day at Annual Convention.

14.   Decorate your house.

15.   Take a family picture and send out Saviours’ Day Cards.

16.   Send email blasts to families and friends explaining the importance of Saviours’ Day.

17.   Put on a play!

18.   Put on a Saviours’ Day Concert Chorale.

19.   Have a drill exhibition.

20.   Send informational letters to area black businesses about Saviours’ Day.

21.   Write a Saviours’ Day play.

22.   Read the Saviours’ Day Miracle.

23.   Have a Saviours’ Day Talent Show.

24.   Make a place mat.

25.   Play Pin the Bowtie on Brother Muhammad.

26.   Have an essay contest.

27.   Create a Saviours’ Day Diorama.

28.   Take plenty of family photos in uniforms.

29.   Make a new outfit.

30.   Make a bean pie.

31.   Make bean soup.  (Tell the bean soup story.)

32.   Write a letter to your friends telling them how special they are.

33.   Write a letter to Allah.

34.   Write a letter to the Messenger.

35.   Write a letter to the Minister.

36.   Host a Saviours’ Day Poetry night at your mosque.

37.   Host a Saviours’ Day read aloud at your mosque.

38.   Host a Saviours’ Day Craft night at your mosque.

39.   Go Caroling at local senior citizens home.  (Take gifts for seniors.)

40.   Draw or paint Mosque Maryam.

41.   Keep a Saviours’ Day journal.

42.   Give in charity to your mosque.

43.   Help with any preparations to make Annual Saviours’ Day Convention successful.

44.   Host a Saviours’ Day Tea.

45.   Host a Tea or Cocoa night and invite a pioneer to your home to speak of past Saviours’ Day.

46.   Make a Saviours’ Day Scrapbook.

47.   Make your own wrapping paper.

48.   Give a homemade gift.

49.   Invite people to the local mosque meeting.

50.   Volunteer at a shelter.

51.   Give your clean “old” clothes to a shelter.

52.   Spend time with family and friends.

53.   Say a special prayer as a family.

54.   Spread some Saviours’ Day Cheer.

55.   Create your own family traditions.

56.   Make Saviours’ Day Cards.

57.   Have a Saviours’ Day Sing-a-Long.

58.   Hold a positive word fast for 21 days.

59.   Remember our mission as Muslim followers of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister

        Louis Farrakhan.

60.   Give away a plant.

61.   Send Saviours’ Day E-Cards.

62.   Set aside family night each week.

63.   Call fellow believers and wish them Happy Saviour’s Day.

64.   Read aloud with your family.

65.   Turn off the television.

66.   Get to know your neighbor.

67.   Visit the library.

68.   Plant a navy bean.

69.   Make a homemade pizza.

70.   Make ice cream.

71.   Bake a cake.

72.   Start a Saviours’ Day Story and everyone finish it.

73.   Put together a first aid kit.

74.   Add items to your survival kit.

75.   Attend your local block club meetings.

76.   Start a block club.

77.   Interview pioneers and videotape.

78.   Make a Saviours’ Day Home Movie.

79.   Watch the sunrise.

80.   Watch the sunset.

81.   Look at the stars and moon.

82.   Do a science project.

83.   Write family notes to each other.

84.   Write some family goals and make a “vision board.”

85.   Write a letter to the Final Call Editor.

86.   Make a family tree.

87.   Play musical CDs that exemplify our culture as Muslims.

88.   Write Saviours’ Day Poems and compile a book with friends.

89.   Define the words Saviour and Day.

90.   Host a Saviours’ Day social for teenagers.  (Have appropriate chaperones.)

91.   Create a family cookbook.

92.   Study the lessons.

93.   Exercise as a family.  (Take a walk.)

94.   Reenact a time in our NOI history.

95.   Research time of 1877 in USA history.

96.   Research time of 1897 in USA history.

97.   Make a map of all Muhammad Mosques in the world and significance of each number.

98.   Brighten a fellow believer’s day.

99.   Say “I love you,” to each family member and tell them why.

100.  Give praise to Allah for coming in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and raising

         The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and leaving with us in this hour Minister Louis Farrakhan.