The House That Allah Built

Who are we?

As Salaam Alaikum,


The House That Allah Built is created by Sister Niambi S. Muhammad, also known as Auntie Niambi Shalewa, creator of "Celebrate! Saviours' Day" CD and DVD (another creation just for Muslim children in the Nation of Islam) and powerful Student Minister Abdul Muhammad.  Oft times we create with a "global" or "universal" appeal in mind (which is fine because the Nation of Islam is certainly "global" and "universal," as it includes all of our people.); though, we tend to neglect making products just for us...the registered Muslim in the Nation of Islam...the headpiece wearing...bow tie wearing...part of our culture.  Our culture is beautiful and we will hold up the standard of our Nation.  Sure we are Muslims and the Nation of Islam encompasses all of our people...but to be a registered Muslim in the Nation of Islam is a "beautiful thing."  And at The House That Allah Built, we celebrate that!

As former teachers at Muhammad University of Islam, at the Nation of Islam's Headquarters, Sister Niambi S. Muhammad and Student Minister Abdul Muhammad understand the pure joy of creating products just for "us."

Sister Niambi S. Muhammad is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller who has performed numerous times throughout the Midwest, including at the last four years at Saviours' Day. 

Student Minister Abdul Muhammad is a powerful teacher (winner of several awards including "Teacher of the Year" in the Chicago Public Schools) who brings the "uncut truth" to our people with a wonderful dose of humor.  He has produced a whole DVD ministry which "breaks down the teachings" in his own unique way!

Presently (geared towards families with small children), they have produced a Black History CD and DVD entitled, "Our Story."  They are also the producers of the song "Be a Vegetarian."

Sister Niambi S. Muhammad, a proud registered M.G.T. and G.C.C., and Student Minister Abdul Muhammad, a mighty F.O.I. are happily married. They reside in Chicago, IL with their three beautiful Muslim children Abdul Karriem, Sajdah Maryam, and Khalilah Asmara!

 Family Picture added soon!